A multi-week Seminar to help you learn
to read your Bible more effectively

Learn what the Bible has to say

Starting January 18th, 7:00-8:00 every Tuesday evening.

Join us on Zoom.

Bible Prophecy being fulfilled:

Russia and Ukraine in Bible Prophecy

Bible Prophecy being fulfilled:

Russia Triumphant – Europe Chained

Reasons to Attend

  • Everyone who registers gets a helpful workbook
  • Learn and develop skills to help you read the Bible with better understanding
  • This seminar is designed for online viewing
  • Find out why Genesis is important to the Bible
  • Discover how Genesis establishes the foundation for the rest of the Bible record
  • Review key Bible stories of men of faith
  • Gain appreciation for God’s design in creation
  • Overcome the fear of reading the Old Testament

What you will Learn

  • Why God created the Earth
  • The creation of man and woman
  • How Adam and Eve sinned against God and the consequences that affect us
  • Tips for more effective Bible Study
  • Who is the “seed” of the serpent
  • Who is the “seed” of the woman
  • Cain and Abel: Good versus Evil
  • Why God brought the Flood on the Earth
  • God’s promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
  • How Joseph is a type of Jesus Christ
  • and much, much more.

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