For my 30th birthday my wife and I decided to put together a murder mystery party based on the game Clue. It was alot of work but it turned out to be very sucessful and alot of fun. Everyone came dressed for the part and enjoyed it.
Below are the elements that I designed for the party, in order as they appeared to the party goers
The Envelopes that were sent out in the mail.
Detail of the "wax" seal
The contents of the Envelope
The Menu, a choice of two plates per course
The front of the folded invitation
The back of the folded Invitation
The first unfold
The full inside unfolded
the "scrolls" containg instructions that were handed out at the start of the evening
page one of the instructions
page two of the instructions
One of the room signs
The place settings
The charicter cards ready to be opened during the meal
Below are the charicter cards in detail, due to the mutipule versions of Clue we combined some of the stories and made up pieces of others.
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